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Amateur and professional marketers produce countless videos each year to reach their target audience. Memes seem to collect our ideas, emotions, and actions in a simple and transferable form, making them perfect for the Internet age. Memes refer to a part of digital content having captioned photos that relate in a much effective way to relay response or situations.

Fix your images, add stunning filters and edit text. But there are also some online meme creators that can help you on your way, and remove the need for any image editing on your part by creating them for you. Immortalized on Reddit , the most popular memes spread through the web like a weird, low-resolution wildfire.

The Math Meme Project 2016 video became a hit and has been viewed thousands of times by people all over the world, including the U.S., Philippines, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, India, Honduras, Tunisia, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Philippines, Finland, Spain, Qatar, Romania, Begium and Indonesia.

Know what a meme is. A meme is an often humorous or satirical piece of content (e.g., a photo or a video) that has been shared with a large number of people. It's so easy to create a photo meme. It's fast and easy: With a few taps you can add captions to any picture and share them with your friends.

Memes offer an easy and hilarious way to spread an idea tiktok through images, video, or text. Happy Cat, Chemistry Cat, OMG Cat, Business Cat, Grumpy Cat, Serious Cat…and list goes on. To get the background story on each one, check out Know Your Meme Think of it as the Wikipedia of memes on the internet.

To introduce the project, I showed my classes the video from the previous year and encouraged them to create their own memes. This is why you will still see others posting memes even when there is no purple smiley icon available. Once you've saved the image onto your computer, you're free to upload it to your preferred social media or meme page.

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